Best Way to Get Towed

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate need to get your car towed, you have felt the very real terror of the realization that there will be a considerable amount of damage to your vehicle. This is a necessary evil that you have to come to terms with if your car breaks down at the side of the road. There is however another alternative to the conventional towing which minimizes the damage done to your car in the towing process to zero. This particular method makes the use of a flatbed. In this type of towing, you drive or push your car onto the flatbed where the tires are fixed, securing your car in position, the car is lifted by all four wheels and hence no damage is sustained in the process. Which is why flatbed towing should be your go-to method when the situation calls for it.

The one setback to this is that it might cost you more than other towing methods because flatbeds are heavy and the weight only increases with a vehicle loaded on it, this results in a drastic increase in fuel consumption by the truck which is going to do the towing. Aside from there is no real downside to flatbed towing. Because of this, the cost of towing, in the long run, is still less than the maintenance your vehicle is going to need after the damage done by other methods. Not to mention the add-ons that you might have to buy in order to tow your car through dollies or tow bars, which is an added expense and inconvenience in the whole process.

So next time you’re in need, don’t be cheap and go for a flatbed over other services to save you from a world of trouble.

Pros And Cons of River Cruises

Going to a river cruise looks like an adventurous thing right? But not everyone finds it fun and mesmerizing to the same extent. There are many pros of choosing river cruise over the regular trip, and there can also be many cons of this choice.

While everyone has its very own experience and looks on everything in a different way, there are certain common pros and cons of river cruises that almost everyone can agree on. Here are some of them in contrast.


  • You can explore various different locations with a cruise ship as compared to a regular by-road trip. For example, if you choose a river cruise over the River Rhine, you can visit different locations in 4 different countries in Europe in a single trip. The process is very swift and pain free as well.
  • Small sized cruise ships can help you socialize well with other people on-board. You can find new people with similar interests and maybe go to the next river cruise with them.
  • You have a wide variety of services to choose from. You can book from shared rooms all the way up to 5 star private rooms that are cleaned multiple time a day, so, the options are endless.


  • One of the most common things that the people don’t like about river cruises is that they’re expensive as hell. The prices of course vary depending on the services, buy they’re mostly on the high end.
  • Another concerning thing about the river cruises these days is that they do marketing to its extreme. Since they’re most likely adding new ships to their collection. They’ll try to make up for this expense by selling you more things. So, beware of all the marketing teams on these cruises, because this way you can end up spending much more on your trip.