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A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your University’s Portal

It did not take me a long time that the university portal of the university I am studying in contains a few loopholes. As someone responsible enough, I informed the management the moment I discovered the loophole, but that made me realise that not everyone is going to think the way I think and there are a lot of people who will think otherwise, or misuse, as well.

my sac state loginThankfully, saclink is much, much more secure than some of the other portals, but still, there are always things that you should never do with your university’s portals, because it would be a much, much better thing, to begin with.

Below, you can look at what things you should never do with your university’s portal.

Making Your Credentials Public

Every student will have access to their portal and simply putting your information out for others to see is not going to be ideal. It can result in a lot of ethical issues and theft of information as well. That is why the best and most ideal situation here is to be sure that you are not making your credentials public, and that they are not shared with anyone, either because we are here to avoid such catastrophes from happening.

Messing With The Code

To some extent, the code of web-based portals can be messed around with. While it should not come as a surprise because it is often difficult for people to understand these lines, but if you are fully aware of what is what, it would be better to avoid doing so because it can only cause more issues that would become a problem for you if you are caught.

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