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A Look at Anesthesia During Surgery

Anesthesia is amongst one of the most important things that we have discovered, and the complex surgeries we have today might not have been possible to complete if anesthesia was not being used. Anesthesia is used to help sedate patients and make them “sleep” during their surgery, and because the patient is asleep, their body is relaxed, and they are not responding to any pain or shock, the doctors or surgeons are able to perform surgery without harming the patient or affecting their wellbeing.

Anesthesia is a tricky thing to get right, and that is why there are anesthesiologists present during the surgical procedure to administer the correct amount of anesthesia to the patient depending on the patient’s age, body weight, and the time duration of the surgery and so on. The anesthesiologists will then continue to monitor the patient throughout the surgery to make sure that the anesthesia is still effective and doing its job.

We have anesthesia software that is able to make the monitoring process easier now, so the machine and its overall software has made the job simpler as well. Now, if you happen to be interested in the subject, you should check out this article on 3 Medical Technologies That Might Be More Dangerous Than You Think – CupertinoTimes where you can find out about a glitch that took place in a certain anesthesia system’s software that would malfunction in case anyone tried to plug in their smartphone or smart device in any of the available USB ports in the machine, and potentially leading to the death of patient through hypoxia. While we might think that plugging in a smartphone in an anesthesia system is very unlikely, chances are that you just are not aware of the number of medical staff that do tend to do that.

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