A Mattress Engineered With Endless Comfort in Mind

If you are thinking of buying a hybrid mattress that does not cost a lot and provides an exceptional amount of comfort then the Eva Mattress is bound to catch your eye, this hybrid mattress offers a lot that makes its worth buying. The Eva Mattress takes all the best mattress technology that we have on hand and combines it in a manner that guarantees optimal support and rest for your body for many nights to come. The Eva Mattress includes a gel memory foam layer that adapts to your body to provide better support, it also helps in distributing temperature more evenly thanks to the many gel beads that are in this layer.

Under the gel memory foam comes a layer of natural latex that has antimicrobial properties and is highly flexible and breathable, a micro spring layer exists under the latex layer that ensures that the mattress has ample airflow and manages to provide superior support to the body by helping the mattress mould to your body’s shape more precisely.

A density foam makes the mattress firm enough to provide one with a very satisfactory sleeping experience. A really great feature of the Eva Mattress is its five zone spring pockets that prevent disturbances on the mattresses (like someone moving around on it) from spreading all across the mattress, minimizing the chances of your sleep being affected by unwanted disturbances. The Eva Mattress has already pleased many people, you can check out Eva Mattress reviews on its website and if you are still unsure about whether you want the mattress or not, you can simply buy it to give it a try and then return it with a full refund within the first 120 days if it does not appeal to you.

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