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A Quick Guide to House Painting

Painting a house is as exciting as it is hectic. You might be painting your house to make it look more appealing to the buyers, or you are just doing as a therapeutic act. Whatever your reason is, you should consider a few major factors before jumping right into it.

Already worries about “it’s a lot on your plate”? Well, here is your complete guide to house painting:

  • Choose a Colour That Fits Your Preference (And of Course, Your Personality!)

Sorry to spoil this for you, but picking the colour for painting can be the best part of the whole process.

You can choose a colour that matches your mood and preference, or go with neutrals making it similar to your neighbourhood. You are in charge of that!

In case of a resale, do choose a colour that might be appealing to others rather than you.

  • Gather The Tools

It can be a long list of painting materials and tools, so don’t get overwhelmed by it. Here are a few necessary things you might be needing:

Good quality house paint


Paint roller


Paint scrappers


There are many other things that you can add in this list. However, if we keep it simple, this will make your job done.

  • Cover Objects And Furniture

You surely don’t want to paint all over your furniture, right? Shift all your furniture to the other room, or cover them with sheets or newspapers to smoothen your process.

  • Scrape Out The Loose Paint

Your old paint is not capable enough to hold the new paint that you are going to do. However, it is necessary to scrape all the flaky and bulging old paint away from the wall. On a side note, you might need some physical efforts.

  • Prime And Paint

Apply the primer on the patched areas to buff the wall. Once the wall is ready, paint the coats with your desired tool, i.e. roller or brush.

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