A Specialist Company For a Specialist Industry

In a heavy industry such as mining there are countless health hazards and safety issues which make it extremely important to have the right equipment on hand, modern mining facilities are often fitted with slurry pipelines which are used to transport materials and waste over long distances in a safe an efficient manner, due to the abrasive nature of slurry, it is important to have a slurry pipeline with durable valves and couplings which you can rely on. Dual Valves is an Australasian company that has over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing and marketing high quality slurry pipeline valves and couplings.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer is based in Western Australia and does business all across Asia and New Zealand, the company has affiliations with DUAL, a manufacturer of a wide range of slurry valves and with Hydrocore, a manufacturer of oscillating and safety control valves and pipe connectors. Dual Valves is ISO 9001 certified and has a mission of providing the highest quality slurry valves and couplings, their range of products is made up of incredibly durable valves that are easy to operate and are capable of withstanding the abrasive qualities of slurry.

The company’s many years of experience in dealing with slurry valves and couplings has made them a specialist at what they do, they can provide clients with top notch equipment that can even be customised to meet their exact requirements.Dual Valves are pioneers in their field, their multitude of experience and knowledge combined with their affiliations with some of the best manufacturers of specialized mining equipment makes them one of the best sellers one can go to. In order to learn more about the company’s product range and how they can cater to you, get in touch with them today.

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