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One of the best things about a Content Distribution Networks, or CDN for short is their feature where you can store data on them. CDN storage can be used to accelerate your websites and reduce the amount of load times that are taken on then. Video and image sharing also become more convenient as your data can be stored on the CDN where it is readily available later on. Download speed of your software is also significantly increased.

Some CDN services like those of CDNsun can go the extra mile and can offer CDN with SSL support which can accelerate your content over an HTTPS. They even allow you to directly manage your CDN service over your application through JSON REST API. Live streaming is not out of the question either.

You might be wondering as to why invest in a service like Content Distribution Network. Well, for one thing, if you have a website in one location then chances dictate that you may also only really have one server. While this is all fair and good for those end users close to you. As the distance of the end user increases, so does the difficulty in using your website. They will find it convenient to simply try out other websites which at least load quicker than yours and that would quite simply be, lost traffic.

But with an appropriate CDN service like those offered by CDNsun, you can get well over 70 data centers worldwide and will in return significantly reduce the load time spent by your client. This results in better customer satisfaction and also raises your ranks on search engines. The closer your clients are to your servers or proxies, the more likely they are to visit your website as search engines take latency into account.

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