All About The Skort Shop

All About The Skort Shop

Skortshop is an online store that came out back in the year 2007. They have constantly worked on their design and made sure to get it right. The online store started off with a simple idea of providing skirts for girls but things changed ever so slightly with time. The skirt converted into a skort. Due to popular demand, the company came out with a new product called bike shorts a few years later. The idea behind all their products is the same which is no matter what your skort or short will not travel up to give you a hard time in public.

Skortshop believes in harmony. They love dealing for cloth with local suppliers. They believe that the quality of the poly mesh and the Australian cotton baked fabric is the best they could have. Another pro of dealing with local suppliers is that they aren’t too far. If they run out of cloth, they don’t have to rush to get your orders within a day since they put forward quick production turnaround.

Hidden in the side joint their skorts even comprise of a zipping pocket for your little one’s lunch money. For now, Skorts are only available online on their website. You can visit today and order a skort for your little one. The bike short and skorts are available in five school colors including royal blue, bottle green, black, maroon, navy, and red.

The design is as simple as it gets. No hassle of any buttons or worrying of it riding all the way up. It is comfy yet stylish. The stretchy cloth is easy to wear on daily basis. If you wish to speak to a customer representative or need a sample, you can contact on 1300 48 18 16.

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