Be Extra Careful For Your Newborn’s or Infant’s Sensitive Age

A lot of parents do quite a bit of research before actually giving birth to their neonate. It is a good thing to prepare yourself beforehand, instead of panicking when the center of your world arrives. Because, trust me, there will already be a lot of chaotic scenes playing out at that point.

Sensitivity to Environment

Before a baby is born, he or she is affected the most by what her mother is experiencing, including the food, liquid, health, environment and everything. Even the genetic structure is affected by the parents. However, after the baby arrives, for the first year, the environment is the biggest influence.

Protect Your Baby

Every mother and father naturally has the instinct to protect their offspring. Hence, this article will help you protect your baby from airborne germs and lack or excess of humidity.

The Harm

The problem in the environment is that some germs and viruses perpetuate faster under certain humidity levels. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a healthy, around 50% of humidity level in the habitat of the baby. This is because infants have a very weak immune system and are prone to get attacked by any germs.

Another problem is that at this physical developmental stage, infants require an optimum environment to breathe in the air properly so that their noses and lungs do not easily get irritated or even infected.

The Solution

There is one simple solution to these problems, which is installing a humidifier wherever you are keeping your baby. A humidifier will make sure that the humidity level is not too low in the place and also not too high so as to prevent the baby from feeling suffocated. You can check out some humidifiers to buy at

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