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Benefits of Medical Coating of Devices

Devices that are used in medical settings should be sanitary and it does not only mean that the device should be cleaned every time that it is used for a new patient, we mean that it should be constructed in such a way that there is no possibility of it carrying germs which is not possible without medical device coating.

A good coating is medical PTFE coatings which you can research about but let us now look at the reasons because of which medical device coating occurs.

Friction is Bad

When it comes to medical devices or equipment, friction is considered bad and it can have serious health implications for the patients which is why medical device coating is applied so that the friction can be decreased. Many kinds of medical devices are inserted in the body and if they cause friction, they can serious damage the insertion site or the area surrounding is so the best option is to use devices that are coated properly.

Wear And Tear

Some medical devices are placed inside the body for a long time which means that there is no way that one can maintain it which means that if it is not manufactured properly then it will be subjected to wear and tear which be fatal to the body of the patient but medical device coating avoids these type of situations.

Lubrication of The Device

Most of the devices that are used for medical purposes require lubrication which is what medical device coating provides to the different sorts of equipment used for medical purposes. This point relates a little bit to friction but not exactly as the coating avoids another layer of chemicals that have a chance of leaving residue in the body which can cause different types of damage.

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