Best Churches in Lubbock

Best Churches in Lubbock

City of Lubbock is home to some of the most influential churches all over the state of Texas. It is hardly to pass any neighborhood without running into one of the local churches. The people are more inclined towards religion and vast majorities are true Christians. The churches situated in Lubbock have been providing their services from over three to four decades and have a high number of devotees. Although, mega churches can be found outside the city in Texas, but you can attend several churches within the city.

Trinity Church
Trinity Church in Canton Ave is considered one of the best churches in the city of Lubbock. Their aim is to provide to guide the humanity towards the teachings of Jesus and help build a flourishing community within the society. People from all ages, genders, and backgrounds can join them whenever they want to and their services are not just restricted with the neighborhood.

First Baptist Church
They are known for their approach towards goal implementation. First Baptist Church’s doors are open to all the people who are pious or have committed sins. They value confessions from each individual and have been spreading God’s love beyond any kinds of boundaries.

Metropolitan Community Church
Metropolitan church has been serving in Lubbock for more than two decades. There is no restriction for minority groups like gays, lesbians, bi-genders, etc. They understand that God’s blessings are for everyone and each of has their own connection with God.

Turning Point Community Church
They believe in the harmony among us all and value every individual. Pastor John Wagner hero of the church has been offering his service to humanity since two decade. They focus on each and every confession with full attention. Although they are situated in a small city but their services go far beyond the borders of US.

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