Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Depression?

The current era where most of our lives revolve around increasing our bank balance and pleasing others, often times we can find ourselves on the verge of mental breakdown. With increasing pressure from bosses at the workplace and rise of competition and expectations everywhere, many people can get tensed up and experience feelings of depression and anxiety. The amount of anti-depressants and similar pills consumed on an average daily basis in US has plummeted to about 10% of the entire population which is a great number.

This feeling of stress and having negative emotions is not just restricted to working people but also affects housewives who spend most of their day managing the household. With mental and emotional problems on a rising scale, people are left with only a few options to cope up with it which includes popping pills, therapy, or cannabis. Although psychological therapy seems to be the best solution to improve the mental state of a patient, but not all of us have the temperament to manage daily visits and watch over our medicine intake prescribed by the therapist. Luckily, we have a much more affordable alternative which is consuming cannabis and this can instantly ease up all your emotional imbalances and if taken in moderate quantity, can actually help you maintain a better focus on your overall life.

Consuming small amount of marijuana can actually improve your mood and self-esteem as it increases neurogenesis which promotes hormones that are responsible for creating feeling of joyfulness and bliss. Smoking this herb in controlled amount can also help you with trauma induced anxiety and fear which can be very common these days. If you are a beginner marijuana consumer, you should try out glass bubblers and make sure to visit the link at

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