Key Differences Between a Gaming Motherboard And a Regular Motherboard

Motherboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. It keeps all the components connected together, and provides them with necessary power to help them operate at the optimum level. Motherboard is needed to put together all the PC components, and make the system boot every time you press the power button.

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While all the motherboards are fundamentally the same, there are some key differences between gaming motherboards made for the gaming industry, and regular PC motherboards. Let’s explore some of the most prominent differences.

Differences in CPU Sockets

While the CPU sockets on every motherboard are the essentially the same, there are some key differences.

For example, in the case of Intel gaming motherboards, they can support unlocked CPUs which you can easily overclock to get extra performance out of your gaming PC. A regular motherboard won’t have this feature available.

So, when it comes to the differences related to CPUs, over clocking is the key difference between a regular and a gaming motherboard.

More RAM Capacity

Motherboards come with a fixed number of RAM slots, and these slots have a maximum RAM capacity. For example, a single RAM slot can have either 8 or 16 GB as the maximum RAM limit.

A regular motherboard will only have up-to 8 or 16 GB of overall RAM capacity, while a gaming motherboard can support up-to 128 GB memory at once.

Server motherboards can support several terabytes of RAM at the same time. More RAM allows you to run RAM hungry applications and games easily.

Cooling Fan Connectors

Since regular motherboards don’t have any crazy features like overclocking and high end GPU support, they don’t produce much heat, and only one system fan is usually enough to keep the temperature under control.

On the other hand, since gaming PCs generate a lot of heat, multiple fan connectors are available on gaming motherboards to connect multiple cooling fans.

How You Can Buy The Best E Bike

Electric bikes are becoming very popular these days. That is because riding these bikes is much easier and comfortable as compared to regular bicycles.

However, when it comes to buying the right electric bike for every day use, you might find yourself confused because of the large variety of these bikes available in the market.

best e-bikesIn this article, we will tell you how you can buy the best E bike for regular use.

Consider The Power Options

Electric bikes come with pedals and a motor to assist you in the pedaling process. For example, if you want to pedal the bike instead of using power from the motor, you can easily do so while still getting assistance from the motor. This will help you avoid getting tired easily by riding the bike for a long time.

However, if you do not have healthy knees, you might not want the pedal feature in your electric bike. So, only get the electric bike without pedals as this will save you some money.

Maximum Weight Limit

Just like regular bicycles, electric bikes have weight limits as well. Usually, these limits are 150 lbs for regular electric bikes. But this does not necessarily mean that electric bikes can easily support such heavy weights. If a heavy person uses an electric bike, he will damage the motors of the bike sooner than a lean person.

You can also get electric bikes which support more weight. However, those bikes get really expensive.

Type of Tires

There are electric bikes with regular tires, and then there are fat tire electric bikes like fat bike electric from muvike. You should choose between these two types of tires depending on your personal usage scenario. For example, if you ride on the snow a lot, you should probably invest in a fat tire electric bike. Otherwise, a regular tire electric bike will do just fine for you.

Lost Your Phone? There is Still Hope

Our cell phones are one of our most prized possessions. It contains our passwords, access to our email, bank account, social media accounts, pictures, and everything else in between. There is also the fact that most smartphones are expensive, and given our tendency to update our smartphones regularly, our smartphones cost us thousands.

locate the phoneSo, breaking or losing our smartphone is our worst nightmare, and if you are dealing with the misfortune of losing your smartphone, then you should not lose hope entirely. There is still hope in the form of the phone locator on

Most smartphones do happen to have a find my phone feature enabled, and if you have already enabled it, then you can track your phone easily and retrieve it. However, if you have not enabled the feature or if you have a smartphone that lacks the feature like certain Android phones and so on, you can make use of these tracking applications and websites to find your phone. Of course, you do need to have the application installed on your phone beforehand, or you can just use the website and see where it goes.

These websites and applications make use of geolocation, GPS, and your phone’s last tower ping to help estimate and triangulate your phone’s location. If you are lucky, then your phone is probably in a stationary location where you might have dropped it and you can just go and pick it up. In some cases, your phone might have been picked up by someone else, and you might need the help of a friend or even law enforcement to retrieve it. Some people are kind enough to return the phones but others might cause issues, and this is where having a police officer or friend by your side comes in handy.

Web Hosting And Loading Times

Making your website really popular at any given point in time is going to involve a lot of different optimization elements, but if you don’t have the kind of time to focus on each and every thing all at once then you should most likely try to find a scenario where you can emphasize loading times if nothing else. A big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that no one is ever going to be willing to give your site a look or take it seriously in any way, shape or form if they have to wait hours upon hours for a single web page to load.

shared hostingFocusing on search engine optimization is one thing that you can do to improve loading times, but you should realize that loading times also have quite a bit to do with the kind of web hosting that you are paying for. If you want a web hosting service that would offer you the fastest loading times you can ever hope to get, check out Certa hosting here. This service provider is great at giving you the best loading times that your website is capable of offering in the first place.

Choosing a good web hosting service can really improve your loading times. People will love your site if they are able to load web pages in an instant. Internet users want to get the information that they are looking for pretty much immediately, and not being able to fulfill this desire for them is going to reflect quite badly on you. Change your web hosting if you feel like loading times are being reduced by their inefficacy.

How to Choose The Right Audiobook App

Audiobooks and their apps have taken over the digital world. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started thinking about these apps, and the best part is that you can easily enjoy the time that you want with these apps and while not everyone might enjoy audiobooks, it is safe to say that they are very enjoyable, to say the least.

best audiobooksJust have a look at how audiobook apps are occupying the digital space and you will realise that it is nothing short of a revolution that is slowly taking over the world. But for now, we want to talk more about how to choose the right app.

This should give you some help as far as the process is concerned. So, let’s not waste time and look at things.

Make Sure It Gives You The Books You Want

You cannot really go for something that does not have the books that you want. There is no point in choosing an audiobook like that and your whole experience can actually go sideways. Therefore, it is better that you are always going for the app that has all the books that you want so you can easily get things handled without having to worry about anything.

Good Prices

You will also need to know that the service that you are about to choose has to have good prices because otherwise, you might not be able to get things handled at all. Therefore, if you mess this up, you might not be able to get the experience handled in any way. Just be sure that you are choosing the audiobook app that caters to your requirements or else you will be paying a good amount of money.

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Cutting Contact Center Costs

Reduce expenses, maximize revenue. This is the mantra that the vast majority of companies and businesses operating in our current market tend to recite, and it makes a lot of sense that they do this.

what is technology definitionThe fewer expenses you have and the more revenue you have coming in would lead to vast amounts of profit that you can use to greatly improve the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life if you are the owner of the business that has successfully managed to end up doing this sort of thing.

Figuring out where to cut costs and how is going to be the real problem that you are going to face here, though. We would recommend that you read more about cutting costs in your contact center because of the fact that it can really improve your chances of turning a profit at the end of the year. Some businesses think that contact centers need to facilitate calls and the like, but we are of the opinion that if you focus on chat based customer support instead then this would work out a lot better for you.

Call based customer service is really expensive and for the most part it’s just not that necessary since customers can get the answers they need from chats and they would generally be more comfortable with chats as well. Since chat based customer service is so much cheaper, focusing on it in your contact center can lead to you dramatically cutting down your costs. This would have no impact on your revenue stream whatsoever which means that you would be earning so much profit you might not even know what to do with it.

Reasons Why Wired Networks Are Still a Good Choice

Virtual reality was once only used in science fiction movies as a technology of the future. But it is being used everywhere these days. A majority of things are done online these days. We watch movies online, shop, date, socialize, play and even exchange money online.

how to get free internet using vpnWith how much we’re dependent on internet in our everyday lives, it’s shocking how we take internet for granted. We live the fact that we can easily find a free wifi Hotspot when outside and surf the internet, but do you realize the potential security threats of doing so?

You can learn how to change from wifi to ethernet if you’re looking for that guide.

This is where Ethernet cables come in. These cables can be used to connect to the internet. But why use ethernet cable when we have wifi connections? Well, here is the answer to this question.

Connecting to The Network

We all know the hassles of connecting to a wireless network. Additionally, any issue with the wireless connection can be a headache to troubleshoot, especially if you do this know a lot of things about wireless networks.

That’s just the hassle of connecting to a wireless connection, setting up one can be even more complicated. Also, constantly changing network encryption standards can cause even more issues. This is one reason on why you might still choose to have a wired internet connection over a wireless one.

It is Reliable

Wireless connections have a certain range. They can present you with lots of issues at times. Wifi routers can also crash, needing you to restart them in order to get your access to internet back. On the other hand, wired connections don’t need any router on your end to keep running. They hardly ever go down. So, this means higher reliability.

What Makes Mystic Messenger So Much Fun?

If you have been playing Mystic Messenger recently, you would be amazed at just how addictive this game has a tendency for being once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that very few games are able to keep players interested for this long, and when you consider that this game takes days to finish it becomes even more surprising that it manages to be this engaging at the end of the day.

mystic messenger 707The thing is, there is a pretty good reason for why Mystic Messenger is so addictive. This reason has a lot to do with its story. When you play mystic messenger emails, you aren’t just taking part in frivolous diversions that are meant to distract you from your troubles. Rather, you are taking part in a story that takes a really long time to unfold, and whenever something new happens you would get quite excited since it would challenge you and make you wonder what other twists and turns are going to be shown to you along the way as you keep playing until the game is over.

This game is a prime example of why good writing is so important in the process of video game development. It is something that people don’t focus on nearly enough in spite of the fact that it can change a game from good to great. A good story can make you invested in the game that you’re playing, and it can give you the chance to be more positive when you fail at a puzzle since the story would make it impossible for you to get frustrated and instead you might just start trying harder.

Securing Client Confidence With Data Rooms

When you have a business that involves high level clients who would be paying you large amounts of money, due diligence and adequate communication starts to become way more important than it would ever have seemed before. You see, most of the time when you check out specific clients that you are working with, they would want to be appraised of the situation at all times. Keeping them updated on everything that’s happening can certainly help, but you should also realize that a lot of your clients might just want to check things for themselves and facilitating this could get you a great deal of good will from them all of which would be great for you in the long run.

merrill corporationOne way in which you can ensure that your clients are always able to access the information that they need to set their minds at ease is by investing in data rooms. This would help keep all of the pertinent data in one place where your clients can check it out whenever they feel the need. Accessing the data would be as simple as pushing a few buttons, and with the right kinds of failsafes you can ensure that the data would be quite safe as well.

Clients would be very eager to work with someone who would be this open about what is going on within the company. You would get a lot more investors and this can help your business grow, so investing in data rooms is something that would help boost your profits to the point where the cost really wouldn’t be all that much of an issue for you, especially when you notice the returns you are getting from the expense.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a Spy Camera For Home Security

Ensuring a high level of safety and security in your home is very important, and that is why you should start looking for a good security system for your house.

wifi hidden cameraWhile these sophisticated home security systems are good, they can cost you a fortune. Additionally, if you want to move one thing from its place, you will have to rewire most of the system from scratch.

On top of that, many newbies make horrible mistakes when looking for a spy camera for their house’s security. Here are some mistakes that homeowners must avoid if they are in the market for a good spy camera, or a security system for their house.

Cutting Corners And Buying a Cheap Product

Home security is one of the most important thing you have to do after coming into your new house. So, the last thing you need is a substandard quality security system that would not help you in the time of need. Cheap spy cameras often do not have the features that can match with the premium ones. They might also use inferior software and hardware, and that is not a wise investment.

Skipping Night Vision

For majority of the homeowners, buying a spy camera with night Vision is a no brainer. But surprisingly, many people end up skipping the night vision feature when buying a security camera for their house. So, do not make this mistake of skipping the night Vision feature.

The camera might coat more at first, but you will thank yourself for making a wise purchase decision later on.

Not Future Proofing Yourself

Future proofing yourself means investing in a good spy camera that will serve you for the years to come without any technical flaws. You can click here to read more about good mini spy cameras.

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Lesser Known Facts About GPS Signal Jamming Devices

GPS is an essential tool and makes everything all the more convenient for the people of 21st century. However, while this tool is used for the purpose of making things easier for the masses, in certain and specific situations it can be used for illegal or unlawful activities; which is when the relevant authorities tend to put GPS signal jamming devices to use.

gps jammer kitHowever, private use of GPS jammers is not encouraged anywhere as it can be a hassle for other people in the vicinity. If you are looking to know more about these gps jamming devices, you should visit With that being said, here are some of the lesser known facts about GPS signal jamming devices, check them out below.

In a lot of states of America and Europe these devices are banner and their usage can be considered illegal. If you are in need of a jamming devices, it is best that you consult legal experts in your states before you make the purchase or put them to use to avoid being in any illegal situation. There are a lot of countries in the world where the laws on GPS jammers are quite vague, regardless, it is recommended that you go through legal clearance before purchasing these devices.

Even though in a lot of countries the use of jamming devices has been banned there are still some countries that allow the sales to take place. If you ever need to get one, you could order it on the internet. Numerous websites tend to take orders for them. They can be used to protect your personal privacy and also prevent unwanted intruders from tracking them; which is a basic right for every human being.

Why You Should Get Your Laptop’s Battery Replaced

The idea of having a failing laptop battery is never something that you want to go ahead with. As someone who has had the experience, the more you avoid this, the better it is going to be. In many situations, I can assure you that if you are resilient enough, you can easily get things done and handle them the way you want them to.

Laptop new BatteryWith that out of the way, do check Https:// if you are looking for a good place to get things sorted for yourself. For now, we just want to discuss some of the reasons why you should get your laptop’s battery replaced.

In all honesty, it is plain and simple, but still, people prefer knowing this.

Uninterrupted Workflow

One of the biggest and most prominent benefits is that with professional replacement of the battery, you won’t have to worry about running into roadblocks where your work gets interrupted or something along those lines. You can easily handle everything and it will work perfectly fine for you because you will have the necessary battery timing backing you up. It is just a very convenient thing that you should always know.

No Loss of Data

Sometimes, you can easily lose your data if your laptop shuts down unexpectedly. While it is not an issue for many people, it can become a problem in many situations and the best thing that you can do is make sure that your battery is replaced so you do not have to worry about losing your data because your laptop got shut down. It is a very simple solution that always works and you do not have to stress over it not working because it won’t be happening.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying a USB Hub

In case you happen to be looking for a new USB hub, you will have so much to choose from that you might find yourself confused and you might not know what you should be going for. I have to tell you that there are some mistakes that you can end up making in the process of buying a new USB hub. I am being honest with you because I have found myself in the same situation on multiple occasions.

best-gaming-usb-hubWhether you are looking at a gaming USB hub or something else entirely, these things are important to avoid because you really do not want to mess things up. You will just be wasting money in that case. In this article, we are just going to be looking at some of the mistakes that you should avoid when buying a USB hub.

So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

Buying a Cheaper One

If you can, always avoid the cheaper options that are available in the market. You do not want to go for a hub that works for a few days and starts creating problems. Or worse, you do not want to go for a hub that actually does not even work properly and gives you really slow speeds.

Not Looking at The Available Ports

It is always better to evaluate your use case before you go ahead and buy one. Are you looking for USB ports or do you want something entirely different? This is definitely an important factor that one should never overlook because it will only create issues later down the road. Once you have decided what you want, you can go ahead and buy it.

Gaming Desktops: A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies

From graphic support features to VR-compatibility options, buying a gaming PC can be a stressful phase for many of us because of the diverse range of options in the market. With the availability of factory-built gaming consoles many of beginners don’t understand the point of having their rig customized in a professional way.

But in reality, you would certainly get a high value from investing your time and money to get the most specialized form of console that would support all the high-end games. Once you are able to acquire a highly sophisticated gaming system, not only would you be able to play all the high-graphic games but you would also get a sense of accomplishment that would motivate you to keep your system up-to-date – according to the latest tech-based features in the gaming world.

Getting the NVidia 10-series GPU would offer you great returns, despite the fact that you might be demotivated to pay high upfront fee during the initial purchase phase. You should have the budget of $900 in mind, if you want to enjoy a console specs from entry- to mid-level. If you want to get unbiased and detailed MSI z170a review, then you should definitely consider visiting the webpage of Bago Games now.

To enjoy seamless performance without any visual glitches, you should invest in an M.2 SSD, which provides advanced storage features to your rig. Gamers that have HDD in their rig, they would certainly experience noticeable changes in their gaming performance and response rate. These solid-state drives go well with the latest sleek designs of rigs, and you would also be able to achieve high aesthetics of your gaming system. You would be able to install them in your rig with little fuss and get started with high-graphic games now.

Reasons You Should Use Shopify

If you have been thinking about starting an e-commerce store, you must know about Shopify, known as one of the best platforms for such stores, the platform is really good and works really, really well, too. The thing that you need to know about Shopify is that this is not just one platform for e-commerce. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of different options available in the market that you need to know about.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons you should be using Shopify. Another thing that you should be knowing is that there are a lot of reasons for anyone to go with Shopify. You could look at them with ease, and you can also look into bigcommerce vs shopify if you want to have more information on such things.

For now, we want to mention some of the reasons why you should use Shopify. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

Easily Handle Large Inventories

One of the biggest benefits of going with Shopify is that it actually allows you to handle large inventories without any issue that might come in the way. You can easily handle things and you will have an easier, much better experience, too.

Great E-Commerce Platform

Another benefit here is that you are going to have an e-commerce platform that happens to be great. It works really well, and without any issues that might come in the way. Just make sure that you are being as careful as possible and things will be good to go, too.

Additionally, aside from a platform for e-commerce, another thing that Shopify has is the complete inventory management system that is wonderful.

Wiser The Choice Easier The Communication

There were times when communicating with people far from you was difficult, people used to come and deliver messages. Then the time came when letters were a thing! People used to write to communicate. Technologies changed, then telephones came, people can make calls, provided both the people who intend to communicate have a phone device and connection. Time passed, more evolutions made and then mobile phones came, people, can not just voice call but also see a person through video call too.

With time communication became easy within the city, then different companies started offering various mobile subscription offers, to offer cheaper calling and messaging rates. It became easy to communicate with people in different cities too. Mobile phones and subscription offers went through several advancements to reach where we are today.

Today, we can not only call or send a message but share multimedia files too. Not only this, but it is also easier to communicate with people in different states and cities. This does not cost you an arm and a leg but since there are so many services available out there, companies come up with so many different offers and packages in competition, to attract a larger audience.

There are various mobile subscriptions available but for one’s own betterment, the user must search well and look thoroughly through all the available options given. Many websites and online portals are developed that provide users with relevant information that can be used to compare the options that are available.

The offer you choose must be cost-efficient, that means you definitely have to pay more for better service and less when you get free features, but looking for a suitable option in all cases is choosing something that efficiently meets your needs and fulfills the purpose to own mobile phone without burdening your pocket.

Looking to Buy a New Laptop, Here Are a Few Pointers

Buying a laptop can be tricky if you’re looking to get the best deal out there. There are many kinds of laptop buyers depending on what they need the laptop for. Some need it for gaming, while others are enthusiasts. There might be different purposes but for most people, it comes down to the price of the laptop.

Are You Concerned About The Price or Not?

Some people want the best laptop out there. The best one in the market at any particular time would be the latest model. If you’re one of those people who want to get the latest model then this is for you. If you’re concerned about the price but still think the latest mode will suit al you needs, then you need to keep track of when your chosen company releases its new models. Either check with your retailer or just check with the online retailer websites.

When to Buy a New Laptop?

If you’re wondering about when to buy a laptop, then you should know this. Most of the companies have a particular season when they release new laptops into the market. This is usually the best time to buy a new laptop. Companies release new models from June to September and September to December. This is the best time to buy a new one because all the companies will be releasing new models and there will be an entire new stock in the market. This will mean that the prices will be compatible too.

Either you’re looking to get the newest model out there or just a good one that suits your needs, this is the best time. Because there is new stock and companies are looking to clear out the old stocks.

Technology Becoming Essential For Development

This is proved now since almost every successful company is now using as much technology as they can because it has become an essential part of development. Everywhere in the world, competition is getting stronger and stronger as customer expectations are getting higher.

There is no point of doing business if the company is not at least meeting those expectations let alone going above them. There is a constant need for improvement because in every sector, companies are using better technology and the latest software for every task possible.

Why This Shift in Trends?

This isn’t just a shift in trends, this is a requirement. Look at construction companies. There is a dire need of technology that can help bridge the gap between on-site workers and those at the head-quarters. The most time is taken by on site workers to communicate with their supervisors on every issue. Projects get delayed because of this communication gap. More and more companies are now installing various gadgets at their companies and project sites to keep surveillance. This is necessary for efficiency because supervisors need to keep their workers in check for better performance. There are gadgets such as drones, cameras and even robots that help in various tasks.

Keeping Track Record And Maintaining Documentation

There is software available now that helps companies keep record of their resources and perform their operations in a better way. Software such as construction bidding software and construction geometry software that can handle everything related to construction projects. They are really improving the standard of operation inside the organization which is leading to the creation of better and improved construction projects. Technology is becoming an integral part of the business industry because without it, it seems impossible to deal so many things simultaneously.

Things You Need to Know About Custom WhatsApp

One of the best things about owning an Android is that you can easily and effortlessly install custom mods of the apps that you want to. One of the most popular mod is of WhatsApp. Previously, users had the ability to use WhatsApp+ that was a custom version of WhatsApp that allowed for a lot of benefits including the ability to theme the messenger according to your preference.

However, ever since the banning of WhatsApp+, fans have been looking for an alternative. Well, you can now download Gbwhatsapp if you are looking for an alternative version of WhatsApp. However, you must know a few things before you do that. These are mostly concerns that one must keep in mind but it is still better to know about these things than not having any knowledge.

There is Risk Involved

There is a small amount of risk involved in custom WhatsApp that is important to keep note of. Sure, many people do not know about it, but you should know about the risks. The risks can lead to having your account getting banned, or some other privacy concerns. So, this is something that you must keep in mind whenever you are thinking about using a custom WhatsApp or any custom app for that matters.

Lots of Customization

This is a good thing; with custom WhatsApp, you have the ability to customize your app in a lot of different ways including some over the top customizations, as well as some basic, skinned changes. The app certainly becomes a lot different, and the user experience drastically changes as well. Something that is very important for most of the Android users around. After all, customization is something that we all love.

Reasons Why a Good Customer Support Software is Important

For those of you who do not know what a customer support software is, then you should know that it simply is a software that the customer support staff uses in order to assist the customers that bring in their queries or problems once they face them.

These softwares have become common, and nearly every company with a proper customer base, and a moderate size has this software in place. Still, a lot of them just completely overlook the importance of such a software. Now the thing that you should be aware of is Kayako’s customer support software; which happens to be one of the best in my opinions. If you are still not sure, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why a good customer support software is important.

Seamlessly Handles Customers

The good thing about an effective customer support software is that your staff will be able to seamlessly handle the customers whenever they are bringing their queries. I know it not make sense to you, but the staff will have to work in conjunction with the software in order to provide the best experience to the customer.

You Want to Improve The Customer Support

There is no denying that an impeccable customer support is something that every business is in need of. If you are trying to improve your customer support and you already have a good staff, then investing in a good software can make things so much better for you, and provide your customers, as well as the staff with optimal experience that will ultimately result in your business going to a right direction.

This is very important for people who are concerned about the business works, and how it earns.