Child Safety And Electricity

Child Safety And Electricity

There is one horrifying fact new parents usually end up coming across once their child is old enough to walk or crawl around. This is the fact that almost every single thing inside the house has the capability of somehow seriously harming your child in some way or another. Once you child starts moving around and you are not always around to see what they are doing or where they are playing you might start worrying about the different things your child could get up to.

They could run into sharp corners, they could approach a long flight of stairs, and they could even come close to live wires and open sockets. You need to be able to protect your child regardless of how physically close you might be to them at that particular moment. This means putting in some additional material that will help you baby proof the house without having to actually do a lot yourself. This way your child will be able to move around and explore the house. And you will not have to constantly run behind them to stop them in case they do something stupid.

So when baby proofing the house most people get small doors placed in front of the stairs, get a few buffers or stoppers to put in front of sharp edges or in front of cabinet and fridge doors. What many people do not do is get a protective RCD installed in their power supply. An RCD is a device that is attached to your power switches and controls the electricity flow of the various live wires in the house. What it does is that it will disconnect a live wire every time electricity goes in a direction it isn’t supposed to, i.e. towards a person. You can get one installed by calling Westline electricians Perth.

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