Creed Perfumes

Creed Perfumes

For any person who knows anything about colognes and perfumes, they know the Creed name. A classy yet innovative scent company that brings the very best perfumes that you could possibly find anywhere. Creed perfumes can be a little costly but they are well worth the amount that you will have spent on them as you will not find any other colognes and perfumes that mesmerize you and any other person who gets a whiff of what the bottle is packing.

The Creed name goes all the way back to the 1760s when the founder of the company, Mr. James Henry Creed decided to open up shop. He is said to have gone around taking samples of water, flowers, trees, herbs, leaves, and a great many other things and then mixed it all up to create the various scents that he then made available to the public. More than 250 years later the company has gone through the generations of the Creed family and has been able to keep up the sampling and the experimenting to keep creating new scents that are still available today. They create both the best Creed perfume for ladies and the best Creed cologne for men. In this article we will be talking about one of their most innovative and most famous scents that is available for either men or women, the Creed Imperial Millesime Spray.

The Creed Imperial Millesime Spray is a unisex scent that was brought to the world in the year 1995. It has a citrus essence and is inspired by the beautiful Shore city of Sicily. The different notes in this blend include many different citrus groves like lemon and mandarin oranges but are also infused with sea salt and many marine elements to truly give you the feel of standing on the Sicily beaches.

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