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Different Kinds of Fireplace Mantel Designs You Can Choose From

A lot of houses in Canada will have a fireplace built nicely somewhere in the living room. However, if your house happens to be one of the ones that are lacking of it, or if you are building a new one and are thinking of what kind of fireplace mantel to build over there, or if you are not very happy with the existing one and are thinking about changing it to give it a new look, you will need ideas on what kind of design to get for your place. That would be the tricky part.

A British Look

If your house is built in a very palace-like design and has all those cemented flowers and designs built at the corners of the walls, pillars, and the space between the ceiling and the wall, then you might want to consider going for something that is more Residence Family Room like.

The Vintage Look

A lot of people agree that old is gold and are a very big fan of all kinds of old looks. Whether it is from a fort or any time from the past, if that is your consideration, then you might want to take a look at the “Commercial Fireplace (Restaurant)” kind of style.

Very Modern Look

Having an LED or any type of TV above your fireplace might change the story quite a bit. If that is the case, and your house looks very advanced, then you might want to tone down the looks to more newish style. I’d recommend something of a JT or CP Residence Family Room design for that.

All these different types that I mentioned can be found at You can also consult with them and get them to build a fireplace mantel for you.

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