Different Situations Where You Should Consider Filing a Law Suit

Different Situations Where You Should Consider Filing a Law Suit

The court room of justice is not only visited when a loved one is murdered, when someone is committed an obvious offense of stealing, robbing, divorce, perversion, or immigration issues, however, there are a lot of instances where you can sue another individual or a company if you feel mistreated. Visit http://www.gorman2000.org to read up a whole bunch of legal issues, attorney advises and possible cases.

Going Against Their Word

If you are in a partnership of a company and you have had some sort of agreement or contract with your other partner or partners and he or she or them refuse to comply by it under any given circumstance, you can immediately sue them. Some of such cases can be outside company partnerships as well. For example, if you have a tenancy agreement with your landlord or landlady and you give them a notice but they refuse to return your deposit, you can sue them.

Firing Without Cause
If you are working in a company and your boss doesn’t like you or one of the employee tricks your boss into firing you instead of them, when the time comes and if there is no legal basis on which they are firing you and/or they do not mention that to you and just fire you on the spot while you were working under an agreement, you can sue that company for wrongful termination.

All The “ism”s
Another interesting situation is that if you are being fired on the basis of your skin color, gender or any other social reason that you can detect behind the cause of your termination, you can sue them on a whole new level for quite a huge amount to compensate for you and have a high chance of winning.

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