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Different Uses of Foam Machines

If you have never had any chance to use a foam machine, then you should know that they have a variety of names i.e. foam sprays, foam blasters, generators and foam cannons because they usually produce a large amount of foam made out of soap and they are most often used in parties for celebratory purposes and sometimes even in other events as well.

These machines are usually placed on the floors but there are also times when the machines are located or directed towards the ceilings and they are more commonly used in the pubs, night clubs and rave parties. Most people who throw rave parties tend to use foam machine rental instead of buying it because it is cheaper that way.

These machines are a bit different from the bubble machines because the bubbles that are produced are light and disperse very quickly while these machines tend to product thick and white foam which is visible and in no way light. The foam is produced because it requires a high water and soap content as well. With that said, let us now take a look at some of the different uses of foam machines, you can check them out below.

Playing in Foam

Playing in foam is usually for children in which one room is entirely filled out with foam and guests are allowed to play with it and they even use inflatable pools and add foam in that instead of creating a mess on the floor as well. It is a very enjoyable activity for children.


Another great way of using foam machine is on different parties like bachelor parties, birthdays, house warming and even high school parties which usually involve raves and nightclub styled parties as well.

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