Does The Ice Cream Fitness Routine Work?

The fact that so many people have started to opt into the ice cream fitness routine, you might be thinking that this is a great exercise routine for you to follow. You would be absolutely right. This fitness routine is making waves because it is extremely effective not just at boosting muscle mass but at improving physical strength as well.

The true greatness of this exercise routine lies in the fact that it provides a full body workout every single day. However, what’s even better about ice cream fitness is the fact that it places a great deal of importance in helping the body rest.

This is important because your body is going to need regular rest periods in order to heal and grow. Without these rest periods you are going to end up injuring yourself or developing dysfunctional muscles! This is because when you work out you are basically damaging the muscles you are exerting. The exertion results in the formation of micro tears in your muscle fibers which your body then heals using protein you consume and then overcompensating by adding an extra layer of muscle fiber in order to improve strength and prevent damage from occurring again. You adjust for this by increasing resistance or the amount of reps and the cycle continues.

If you do not have frequent rest periods your body will never get the chance to increase strength or muscle size which is going to severely negatively impact how much you are able to improve while working out. The importance that the ice cream fitness routine places on rest periods shows that it is a holistic exercise routine meant to provide long term results which is why you should definitely try it out and see if it works for you!

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