Electric Mattress Pads Available In The Market

Electric mattress pads are the new trend in the market and everyone is raving about them. Click here if you wish to obtain more information about them. We have prepared a list of electric mattress pads for our readers so without keeping you waiting further, let us have a look down below.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

The particular mattress is produced by the company called Sunbeam and they are the best in the market. It comes in five different sizes and can be purchased at a very affordable price despite its many features. According to the users of this electric mattress pad, it is of the finest quality and is super durable. The fitting of the mattress topper is perfect which means that it does not slide off easily. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the whole mattress topper which means that you will not feel uncomfortable at all. After 10 hours of usage, it turns off automatically to save battery which is a great feature.

Soft Heat Electric Heated Queen Mattress Pad
This particular mattress pad has a guarantee of five years and is available easily. The best feature of this topper is that it is divided into sections and each section can have different temperature. The mattress topper has 10 different warmth settings which can be applied to the different sections of the topper which makes it perfect for 2 people to use. The wires of the mattress pads are very thin which means that they cannot be felt much.

Electrowarmth Heated Mattress Pad
This mattress pad has a memory which means that it saves the last temperature setting before it is turned off and it comes in many sizes. The mattress is comfortable, fitted and extra cozy.

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