Electric Radiators; A Smarter Alternate For Storage Heaters

Tired of the outdated box-like storage heaters in your house and thinking for replacement options? Electric Radiators are an ideal replacement for traditional storage heaters.

Here are a few considerations to look before replacing:

  • Size- To be very honest, storage heaters give a feeling of an old box from the 1980s while electric radiators are slimmer, lightweight, and more attractive than the former.

For obvious reasons, storage heaters are heavy and bulky as they contain heavy bricks inside them that need to be charged. So, an update to the electric heater is food in terms of space as well as aesthetics for your home.

  • Control- Electric Radiators give you more control over the storage heaters as they come with smart 24/7 programmers that can allow you to change the temperature according to your preference and need. However, there is no such thing in storage heaters as they only operate over the convection. Click here, if you want to check out the most affordable options for electric radiators.
  • Health- If your household members suffer from allergies, a storage heater is a big no for you. A storage heater’s strong heat convections throughout the day can be a reason for the distribution of dust in the house, hence causing the allergies. However, an electric radiator is more intelligent and health hazard free as it can only be operated when needed.
  • Lifestyle- An electric radiator can easily make its way in your home:
    • If you don’t want constant heating temperature at all times
    • If you want to heat different rooms at different temperatures
    • If you are usually not at home during the day time
    • If you want your heater to provide heat for a longer time in the evening

After analyzing a few factors, we might have cleared your indecisiveness a little bit. Storage heaters are considered a thing from the past now, but if we talk about the present, a smarter choice will be electric radiators.

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