Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Manicures Available At Salons

Are you one of those people who notice people’s nails first? If you are then it is completely fine because it is said that a person’s nails say a lot about him or her. The nails show how hygienic that person is, how he presents himself, his/her routine of caring for his body and what type of work he/she does. Dirty nails are absolutely not attractive and there is no excuse for them. Except if one have a medical condition, one should always keep his/her nails clean.

Many people do try their best to keep their nails looking presentable by going to the salons. Here is a secret tip, you won’t have to go to the salon for healthy looking nails if you would just eat right, keep yourself hydrated and give them a little attention every week.

Manicures never go out of fashion and are a great way to make your nails look fabulous. We have prepared a list of different kinds of manicure for you.

Basic Manicure
It is the manicure which has no additional things in it. The process includes applying lotion, soaking the hand in warm water, shaping the nails, massaging and applying nail polish.

French Manicure
It is the common manicure for every occasion. If you are looking for more information about French tip nail designs go here right away. Beige or soft pink nail polish is applied along with a white tip.

Paraffin Manicure
For dry nails, Paraffin wax is applied to the nails which leave them moisturized and smooth.

Gel Manicure
The steps are same as of the basic manicure’s, in the end a special polish is applied which needs to be placed under a UV light which then makes the manicure long lasting.

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