Everything You Need to Know About LED Strip Lights

With so many different form of lightning the latest ones are the LED strip lights. They have unique features and anatomy, if you want to learn everything there is to know about these LED strip lights then you need to read this article.

Features of LED Strip Lights

LED-strip-lightThe basic features of the best led strip light are all the same, although there are some variation but nonetheless the main features remain the same. An LED strip light has a narrow and flexible circuit board on top which a number of LED emitters are mounted. The LED strip lights do not consume a lot of power as they work on low voltage DC power.

The color and brightness varies and you can choose that when you are purchasing them, as there is a wide range of options. Some have fixed brightness and colors while others can vary. They are usually available in a long reel, although they can be cut into small lengths as per the requirement.

Color Options

The most commonly used color for LED strip lights is white, however, even with just one color there are a number of different variations. The shade is actually determined by two main metrics, and these are the color temperature or CCT and the color rendering index or CRI.

The temperature plays an important role, the dim lights have a low color temperature while the crisp white lights have a higher temperature. The LED strip lights are not limited to white light only, there are different colors that you can choose from, these include violet, blue, green, amber, and red. There are LED strip lights that even offer infrared and ultraviolet lights as well.

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