Evolution of Rugs

Art in a constant state of evolution. It, much like the nature of mankind will constantly change along with the people who choose it carry it forth through history. This is one of the constants of reality. It provides a unique outlook on history and its evolution. Overtime, art changes in many ways but mostly retains its defining cultural aspects and symbols.

Rugs are an interesting case study in this regard. it is something every one with a home or living space has or plans to acquire eventually. There are those who prefer the antique aesthetic, from a specific point in history because they prefer that particular design and then there are those that prefer the more recent styles like the modern Southwestern rugs. These are more geometric and selective in their color scheme.  This is also one of the most popular style of rugs preferred globally right next to Turkish and Pakistani designs.

Rugs are an absolute essential in interior decoration and bring out a life of their own. It is a subtle and yet significant effect on the aura of the room they exist in. What matters is what resonating with you. What color schemes and what patters you like, do you prefer something more geometric or more oriental or maybe you prefer something monotone. You cannot go wrong with it as long as you like it, all of it is a representation of everything that went into it becoming what it is in its current state. The years of evolution that went into the design and trends being what it is now.

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