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With the help of Gecko Logistics you will find that there is no end to the extreme innovation that the team of Gecko Logistics brings to the table for all of its clients. Being a leader in transport logistics in all of Perth and West Australia, Gecko Logistics will make sure that all your transport needs are fulfilled and that whatever you need transported will be transported, that too on time and with a lot of professionalism. The drivers are specifically trained to run the complex transport vehicles and have a lot of experience doing their job. All the drivers have a great passion for the type of work they do and are more than happy to lend a hand with anything you need before moving on towards transporting your haul or products off. The drivers and the team have been phenomenal and are the reason that we have been able to become such a well known company in Australia for any and all types of transportation services.

However the main attractions of our entire business are all the new and improved modern vehicular transporters that we have and keep acquiring. While most transport and logistical services will simply have a few transport trucks, we have special features and customizable options that give them the ability to be able to move any type of haul or container. With specialized vehicles like the low loader, the tilt tray transporter, the semi tilt transporter, drop deck loaders, and now even the ultra low transporter.

The ultra low transporter is a new addition to our fleet that can pick up buses and trucks right off the ground and move them to the spot they are needed at. So if you wish to get any of these services, you can go online to

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