Gen Y And Condos

Gen Y And Condos

Generation Y, also known as the millennials, are the generation of people who are breaking away from tradition and doing things differently, in a way that they want things to be done. The difference in what Gen Y does and what the generations before them have been doing is quite apparent in many different ways, but quite noticeable in the way that the younger generation for people are now choosing to live.

While this phenomenon is happening in much of the western world, we see it happen specially in places like Canada where the rate at which people are shifting in to condos instead of houses is on the rise. In fact now one in every eight households is based in a condo in Canada, and many of those households are people who are from Gen Y.

Seeing this trend, a lot of large real estate developers have begun to create condominiums that suit the needs of the younger people who are moving in to these condos. Condominium projects like the Erin Square Condos are doing just that with affordable but comfortable living spaces being made available for booking. There are many reasons such a trend is taking over. One of those reasons is the fact that living in the condominium is very convenient. There is no unnecessary travel time to get out of the city and go to the suburbs. No need to worry about driving in and out of the city just to go to places like work, parks, pubs, restaurants, or even hospitals. Everything is close by when you live in a centrally located condo. Furthermore the condominiums require much less maintenance and work. The fact that a maintenance team will already be there to take care of any large external problems, you should have no worries at all.

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