Get Safety Gear For Your Rental Motorbike

Are you in Phuket and going to rent a motorbike so that you can enjoy Phuket in all its glory? We will say that it is a very smart decision but before you go to the rental company to get a scooter, you should read this article and buy some necessary stuff. Did you know that in all of Thailand, Phuket is pretty high in the list of road accidents? We are not saying this to scare you or to warn you against renting a motorbike, we think that you would be fine as long as you would be careful and follow all the traffic rules.

We mentioned the little fact so that you would go out and buy safety gear before you rent a bike. When you will go out to hire a scooter, they will not let you go without giving you a helmet or would require that you get a helmet before you rent a scooter from the company. If you are looking for motorbike rental in Patong then you would be able to find it with no trouble but you should go shop for safety gear first.


We already mentioned that helmet is important in Thailand. In fact, it is a law that you cannot drive a motorcycle without wearing one. When you go out to buy a helmet, make sure that you do it from a reputable place. If you are there for only a short time that you do not need an expensive one, you just need one that would safe your head if an accident takes place.

Motorbike Boots

You might be thinking that the boots are a bit too much, especially since its so hot in Thailand but they are a key to your safety so make sure to get them.

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