Green Your Life: Use a Clothes Line

According to a survey electric dryers in US emit 55 million metric tons of harmful gases and this figure is increasing on a fast phase. Many people nowadays have a very busy schedule due to which they have adopted conventional method of managing the household. You would not find many families in your neighborhood that actually use a washing line instead of a typical dryer and every household is adding more machines. Not only are these drying machines highly harmful to the surrounding environment but they also waste a lot of your hard earned money in the long run.

An average electric dryer has a lifetime of over 10 years and during this long lifetime the machine consumes a big portion of electric power which increases your utility bill. Often time’s people who live in apartments or condominiums have difficulty using traditional clotheslines as they are bound to follow the rules of the team in charge. In such cases it is advisable an indoor clothesline which you can use easily and get the similar results like that of an outdoor washing line. People who are lucky enough to have front yards or backyards can simply hang their clothes outside under the sun and get their clothes quickly dried. Line-dried clothes have a very unique fragrance that is highly refreshing and once you get accustomed to it you would not like the smell of electrically dried garments. There are many new designs of rotary lines in the market and if you want to see the most cost effective options then make sure to click here. Surprisingly you can also burn some calories while hanging your clothes over the line and this can be highly beneficial for you if want to stay in shape and wear fragrant clothes.

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