Heated House Review

One of the best products for pet owners this coming winter has to be the outdoor heated pet house available on the My Cosy Pet website. This outdoor heated house is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small pet house, made differently for cats and for dogs, which you can place outside of your house for your pets to go inside when it might get too cold outside. While our cats and our dogs are covered with fur, many of them do not have a thick enough layer to prevent the cold from getting to them in the winter.

Many domestic animals are used to staying outside of the house, some are wanderers and will walk about the outside of the house and the neighborhood, and some pet owners find it more convenient to let their pets sleep outside of the house rather than inside. In places that get really cold during the winter, this usual lifestyle might become problematic once your pet starts getting affected by the cold, this is why you need the outdoor heated pet house. With this item you will not have to worry about your animals getting out of the house at any point in the day then not being able to make it back, they can simply walk in to the heated house and stay safe and warm over there.

The outdoor heated house is a water resistant appliance and can be kept outside, but does better when placed in a covered area as it is not fully water proof. You can place it inside the shed or the garage of your house, or even integrate it into an existing pet house outside. The heating pad that keeps the heated house at a warm temperature can even be removed for year long use.

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