Hedgehogs as Pets

Not everyone likes cats or dogs, it isn’t really that simple. Yes, they are great pets and can be even better companions, but that doesn’t mean that should make one automatically want them. Some people might not like high energy levels that are common with dogs, or they might not like taking care of cats in general, and that is fine. There are a lot of other pet options they can opt for, recently hedgehogs have become a popular choice as a pet in a lot of households. There are certain species of hedgehogs that are considered domesticated, so they can be found in shelters as well as pet stores.

Hedgehogs are actually very smart animals. They can recognize their owner’s voice and smell, plus they also happen to be really playful. However, hedgehogs will not open upto you immediately. When scared, nervous or in defensive mode, hedgehogs tend to curl into their body, forming a ball. This way they are able to “protect” themselves. So, you don’t have to rush into things with them since they do get overwhelmed. However, giving them attention and stimulation everyday will help them to eventually open upto you. So, you do not have to worry if they seem distant from you at the start.

Hedgehogs do have some issues you need to be wary of, first of all, they are prickly so you need to handle them with care or else you can hurt yourself. They also are a carrier of a few diseases, like their stool does contain salmonella, and their spikes carry different fungus like ringworm as well. Lastly, if left inactive or in a small cage, they become obese which then causes other bone problems. So, make sure that you check for the hedgehog minimum cage size before you buy your cage so that your pet doesn’t have any difficulties later on.

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