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Home Theatres: Replacing Traditional Cinemas?

If you go back 20 years from now, going to the cinema was our highlight of the week. The smell of popcorn and watching movies being played on the big screen was not a very common one back then. Times have changed a lot, now almost everyone has a 30inch or smart TV in their household like it is the most common thing.

shutterstock_48328138There have been noticeably rising trends in people having home theatres built in their homes. Now a home theatre can imply a number of things, it can mean a simple AV system in the lounge of a house or it can mean renovating the entire room/basement to create a mini cinema in one’s own house.

Perhaps the biggest reason why people are beginning to shift towards home theatres is convenience. Basically, people get to experience the cinematic feel without having to step outside the house. It also means that they get to avoid the sometimes unruly crowd in the theatre and not having to buy overpriced snacks. It can become a more intimate gathering rather than watching a movie at the cinema.

Like I mentioned before, convenience is the most important reason why more and more people are shifting towards home theatre systems. However, regardless of the rising trends of home theatre systems, cinemas will not go obsolete. This is because in the end, every new release will hit the cinema first before being accessible via your home theatre system. So, true fans will have to watch the movie in the cinema unless they want to be bombarded with spoilers and to be honest, nothing can ever really beat the smell of popcorn in a movie theatre. For more information or to look up reviews, you can visit the following website at

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