How The Gauls Defeat The Romans in Asterix

Asterix is the name of a Gaul. He was never real, instead he existed in the fictional world created by Goscinny and Uderzo, two of the most famous French comic writers to have ever lived. If you want to be able to optimize your enjoyment levels while you have some free time, you should really look into these comics and see just how entertaining they can be, but at the same time it is important that you find out the truly hilarious manner in which the Gauls in the comics defeat their Roman enemies.

The Gauls are naturally strong, but they have a secret weapon as well. This secret weapon is a potion that they drink which gives all of them incredible strength! This potion is made of a bunch of different ingredients with one being rock oil according to one of the many volumes of this book, and there is also the fact that this potion tends to give the Gauls such an edge that the Romans are pretty much never able to defeat them.

One of the characters, Obelix, who is widely considered to be the sidekick of Asterix is another funny addition who has a rather peculiar connection to the magic potion. He was dropped in a cauldron of the stuff as a baby, which means that he is naturally strong and also that the potion does not have any effect on him. He is clearly not happy about this, and it is always amusing to watch his childish reactions whenever he is not allowed to have the magic potion that everyone else is partaking in.

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