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How to Tell If Your Therapist Isn’t Right For you

Choosing to go to therapy voluntarily is a commendable decision. Now we all know that therapists are expensive and not everyone can afford to keep up with weekly sessions which is fine. However, if you have been regular with all your sessions and are still seeing no improvement, you might be wondering if it’s all just a scam. It isn’t, however, your therapist might just simply not be the right one for you, which is why we have compiled a few ways you can tell whether or not your current therapist is working for you. Now it’s important to have realistic expectations when you are going into therapy, 4 sessions might not be enough for you to see a substantial improvement, especially if your problem happens to be deeply rooted.

  • If you feel uncomfortable disclosing certain information to your therapist or feel that they might judge you or that there is a barrier, you can change your therapist or talk to them about this. You need to be able to be open and vulnerable to your therapist for them to properly assess what you are feeling and going through.
  • If you feel like the approach your therapist is taking (directive/non directive etc.) isn’t working for you, they might not be right for you. Each therapist has their own individual style and approach towards dealing with their clients, so you should look for a therapist that has an approach that suits you.
  • If you feel like you are at a standstill in therapy or that your therapist’s suggestions aren’t working for you or leaving you satisfied, they might be right for you.

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