Immigration Law And Lawyers: A Guide

If we look at statistics, there are currently over 10 million illegal immigrants in the US coming in from all around the world. The number is still currently on the rise with the influx of refugees these past few years. Politically speaking, immigration has always been a controversial topic and both sides have very different views regarding the matter. The whole face of US immigration will be determined in this year’s presidential election.

johnrrodriguezlawofficeImmigration covers a number of things like visas for visiting, students, business and even permanent residency. Immigration also includes citizenship and issuing green cards. US immigration law is understandably complex and paperwork for simple visiting visas can be a bit difficult to go round given the various number of forms that need to be filled.

If you have a clear record, you should not have to face any issues when applying for immigration except for the occasional delays. However, there are some cases where you require the help of an immigration lawyer which happen to specialize in everything that happens to be covered under immigration, you can visit – immigration section for more information about hiring potential lawyers for you.

An immigration lawyer will handle your paperwork, give you advice and even represent you in federal court if required. If you been notified that removal or deportation proceedings have been started against you, your immigration lawyer will take over, similarly if you have been convicted of an offence or are trying to enter the US, your US employer has not assisted you in the assisted you in the immigration process, you are unsure about your eligibility for immigration benefits or citizenship etc. all come under immigration law and you have the right to hire an immigration lawyer to assist you. For more information, you can visit the – immigration section.

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