Important Things That You Should Know About FRP Lock

For all the people out there who have never heard of FRP locks, it is a security featured that is also a product of Google and although it was introduced a long time ago, but there are people who still haven’t even heard about it. The reason for designing such a security system was to make sure that in case people lose their phone or it gets stolen at least their data would be protected because the FRP bypass APK basically asks for your email ID in order to proceed further with the process of factory reset, if you enter the wrong email address it can lock your phone and people who know the password can access it, not only that but they also require you to plug in the password as well before wiping the data off of the device.

Although the feature can be easily disable the FRP bypass APK, but the advise given to people is that they should let it stay on because it is for their own good and if you think you forget your password and ID then write it down on an app or a notebook that is with you at all times so that you copy it off from there. Apart from that there are some other important things that people probably do not know about FRP locks and some of them are as follows.

FRP Locks Are Available in All Devices

Again, we have told you this before but FRP was launched by Google and it was only available to people who had stock Android phones. However, with the increasing demand for extra security features all of the devices and companies have adopted FRP which has made the world of smartphones much safer.

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