Interesting Facts to Know About Energy

What is energy? In easy words, it is simply the required strength for the purpose of using physical and chemical resources like light or heat; this can further be used to provide energy that is needed to make machines work. You will be surprised to know that energy is all around us, we cannot see it but it is surely there. After the revelation of this fact, one must about the use of all this energy. There are some very fun and interesting uses of energy that are not commonly known by many.

energy-bills-12You will be surprised to know the amount of energy used to create light in a light bulb is only ten percent. The rest of the percentage is used for creating heat. Moreover, it is amazing how compact fluorescent light bulb uses much lesser electricity than the normal light bulbs, amount 80 percent lower. For this reason, most of the people prefer to buy the latter for the domestic and culture use.

Another fun factor that will enable you to understand more about energy is the fact that the amount of energy used to conduct hundred Google searches is equivalent to a light bulb that has been switch on for twenty-eight minutes. When it comes to oil reserves, two third of it is owned by ten countries in the world. We all know Saudi Arabia is on the top of that list. When you look at the components that make up your home electricity bill, you will be surprised to find out that almost half of it is made up by heating and cooling costs.

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