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Is It Beneficial to Keep a Trading Journal?

There was a time that traders used to conduct their business without many tools and the concept of keeping a trading journal did not exist. Soon enough, it was noticed that even the most successful traders of the field made a lot of mistakes because they did not have the proper discipline for trading.

Measures were introduced to help maintain discipline with the traders and one of these measures is keeping a trading journal. If you are looking for a trading journal then you will do well to read but if you are unsure of why you need to have this journal then let us enlighten you with some of the advantages of keeping it.


We have already mentioned that it will help you maintain discipline in trading but why is discipline necessary? It is said that a trader can become fast successful if they have proper discipline which is why trading journals are considered an important tool.

Record Keeping

The best advantage that trading journal can offer you is a way to keep records of all the traders that you have made. Even though this is the digital age, many traders still prepare Excel spreadsheets as a way of keeping records but that is not effective at all because they are not always able to add every detail about their traders and it often contains mistakes. With the help of a proper trading journal tool, you would be able to keep a record of what trade you made, the market conditions of that time, your thought process, the things you did right and the mistakes you made.


Trading journals can help you improve your trading game because it will allow you to peruse your old trades and learn from the mistakes that you made.

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