It’s Legal Now So You May As Well Try Some

Before the amendment 64 was passed in 2012, marijuana was illegal in Colorado, as it still is on many parts of the world today. We are in no way condoning the use of hard drugs since drugs can indeed harm you and potentially ruin your life, but marijuana is different. It’s been stigmatised and tabooed all over the world simply because it was declared illegal, there are literally no other reasons to hate on cannabis – you should read up on this some time.

Even though it’s legalised now, the taboo and cultural stigmata around marijuana will still take some time to go away. Because of this, a lot of people in Denver are still very shy about walking into a smoke shop and asking for a bong. No one wants to be called a pot-head, even though the negative connotation behind this term is starting to diminish. To make things simpler, Bohemian Bazaar, a boutique that sells boho and hippie clothing has started stocking bongs, pipes and dab rigs Denver, making it easier for those of us who are shy but what to buy their own smoking goods.

In addition to just easier to access, Bohemian Bazaar’s selection of bongs and smoking pipes is just as exquisite as the apparel that they’re selling; you’ll find pipes in different shapes and colours which can make your whole experience with marijuana more enjoyable. Remember, the whole point of smoking recreational marijuana is to have a good time so get in that kind of a frame of mind before you start smoking your weed – call some friends over, turn on some music and order some food. It’s certainly a better and healthier time than drinking at a bar.

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