KitKat: The All Rounder

KitKat: The All Rounder

We can all look back and think over KitKats as being a fond part of our childhood, and chances are that your parents can relate to the nostalgia as well because KitKats have been around for a long time. In fact, they can be traced back to 1935. KitKat, as we all know, is manufactured under Nestle. It was first introduced in London under a different name, however, the name was changed to the KitKat that we know and love about two years after its release.

KitKat is a crisp chocolate wafer bar that has grown popular throughout the world and has quite a following. It was launched at the standard 4 chocolate wafer bars pack, and over time different variations ranging from a two bar pack, one large wafer bar and so on began to be reproduced.

Another thing is KitKat is known for is the wide variety of flavors. There are so many different KitKat flavors apart from the classic, and they have all been adapted in different parts of the world. You can find caramel, hazelnut, peanut butter, dark and so on in most Western States, however, if you venture to Thailand, there is a milk tea flavored variation. Japan has a huge variety of flavors like Matcha green tea, crème Brulee, sake, and even wasabi to name a few. In case you happen to be more interested in KitKats and their variations around the world, then you can check out

While KitKat has a number of flavors and options available worldwide, it is still interesting to note that people are still loyal to the original to this day, and its popularity is still evident amongst every age group. So, it is safe to call KitKat an all-rounder in the world of chocolates.

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