Mastering Newborn Photography

Mastering Newborn Photography

If you’re a photographer or even if you own a DSLR camera then you’re probably tired of friends and family not missing any opportunity to ask you to take their photos for them. Many people probably ask you for free photographs which you shouldn’t do but if they’re paying you for your talent, then it’s all good right up to the point when someone wants you to photograph their baby.

You’re confident in your photography skills but since you’ve never photographed a baby before, you’re under a lot of pressure to have been trusted with such a responsibility. It’s really hard to say no to such a request from a friend or a family member, which is why you’re here looking for tips for newborn photographers.

Baby photography can be pretty daunting as it is but it’s even scarier when you have to deal with a newborn baby. Newborns are fragile and really difficult to deal with and since you want to take the right kind of pictures that the parents would actually pay you for, you have to align your photography with the baby’s comfort.

Not making the baby cry during the shoot is just one thing that you want to do, you also want to make sure that your photo is framed well and that your colours and background are all in a thematic context so the overall result turns out nice. Remember, you want to capture aesthetically pleasing photos that make the baby look perfect. Your skill as a photographer is what sets these photos apart from ordinary baby pictures that everyone has and are embarrassed of.

If you’re still new to this kind of photography, we recommend that you read these tips for newborn photographers over at

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