Metal Detectors: Tips For Beginners

Contrary to popular belief, metal detectors are not just limited to airport security, other security personnel or to archeologists, geologists and other such professionals for that matter. Similarly, the negative stigma associated with normal people using metal detectors needs to be addressed because using metal detectors is a harmless hobby that can even pay for itself if you are using it correctly.

maxresdefaultSo, if you are looking to buy a metal detector, you can look up the top 10 metal detectors by visiting the following website at We have also taken the liberty of noting down a few tips for people who are just venturing into the world of metal detectors.

It sounds really obvious when we say that you need to pick the right metal detector but this fact cannot be exaggerated enough. A lot of people tend to quit metal detecting within the first few weeks out of frustration and that is because of two reasons, firstly, they did not pick the right detector for their level of experience and secondly, they did not take time to get to know all the controls of the detector, their location etc.

Metal detectors require you to be patient and it’s a slow learning process and it takes time before you fully understand the workings of your detector. You can always read the manual, look up videos and go outside and experience it for yourself as well.

You need to swing your metal detector properly or else you will not be able to catch anything. Your detector should be held in such a manner that the coils are the closest to the ground without actually touching it. You also need to swing your detector slowly or else it will not be able to catch up light metals or smaller pieces.

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