Money Networking: Walmart’s Next Adventure

We all happen to carry store cards, and it is quite normal. We have a Sephora card that allows us to collect points with every purchase, and then redeem those points for discounts or offers in future purchases, and the same case can apply for Macy’s and other famous stores, however, Walmart has taken a very different approach with their cards.

They have recently introduced Walmart money network cards, and you can use these cards in a number of different ways. In some ways they can act a credit or debit card would, allowing you to buy and make transactions at Walmart stores, and a few other stores as well, issue checks and even transfer and receive money from other Walmart networking card holders.

This little venture was only made possible after Walmart actually collaborated with another financial service firm, and now making it possible to have these transactions and dealing all over its 4000 branches throughout the country. These money networking cards are actually really convenient as they make it possible for you carry out a number of different money transactions, and all of them can be done at your nearest Walmart, which will probably between 10-30 minutes away from wherever you are.

These money networking cards can work 24/7 throughout the entire year, so you are not limited to a specific time, making it possible for you to have another option in case you happen to need to make a transaction. If you are interested in learning more about money networking cards, and why a Walmart networking card can actually be a really smart move to make, then you can check out what the experts at have to say regarding the subject, and you can then make your decision about whether or not to make a Walmart money network card for yourself.

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