Ontario’s Soon To Be Largest Condo Development

Ontario’s Soon To Be Largest Condo Development

Canada’s biggest cities are quickly becoming more and more familiar with the construction of huge and beautiful condo buildings as the demand for living space within the cities keeps on increasing. When living in a big city, the further away you are from its centre, the more hectic your routine is going to be in terms of going around, building companies build condos in central locations in order to provide people with a better area to live in. Toronto is already home to a number of fully developed condo towers and is set to become populated with even more grand projects in the near future.

One of the most promising projects in Ontario that is nearing its beginning date is 1 Yonge Condos, set to be launched in November 2017, this ambitious project will consist of six condo towers with their floors ranging from 40 to 88 stories. When completed, this condo project will offer a staggering 3885 units of various kinds, and the project’s size is not the only thing that makes it interesting, its physical address is going to be from 1 to 7 Yonge Street, a prime area of Toronto, Ontario.

The project is set to transform Yonge Street into a bustling hive of activity and is being headed by Pinnacle International, a big name in the condo industry. You can visit the project’s website and find all that you need to know over there, you can also register yourself right now and gain access to floor plans, platinum launch prices and other limited time offers. Whether you are an investor or a buyer, you should not make any delays in getting on board this incredibly huge and incredibly promising condo project that is bound to change Yonge Street by a margin.

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