Personal Treatments

Every person who goes to a doctor nowadays has a similar experience. It always seems like the doctor themselves are uninterested in what is happening to the patient and that they simply order up a few unnecessary tests before doing anything else because they do not want to listen to the patient tell them what has happened. Patients largely feel that doctors, mostly, do not care about their personal problems and do not have much of an interest in making sure that they are okay or that they get better.

Previously there used to be a culture of care and compassion amongst doctors. People would choose doctors based on their ability to provide good treatments, but also on the ability to click with the patients. Many patients had a relationship with their doctor that lead to them coming back over and over to the same doctor to have them conduct checkups. In fact, many people were able to choose who their family doctor would be using this method. Nowadays most people just go to any random doctor whenever they need a check up or any form of primary basic care since there is no real reason to keep going to a single doctor for any of them. Patients simply end up going to whichever doctor is available according to their own convenience.

Well there is one doctor that is trying to bring back the culture of there being a relationship between doctors and patients and that is Dr. Ian Kroes from Peninsula Doctor. He believes in there being a sort of concierge medical practice that puts the patients needs above any other person. When the patients feel comfortable and are able to talk about their issues and what they are feeling then the doctor is properly able to treat them effectively.

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