Pre Basketball Match Warm Up Exercises Players Should Be Doing

If you are someone who has always been interested in shooting hoops or playing basketball games, but you have not really started because of the lack of stamina. We would tell you to go for it because being sporty and physically active is something that is essentially important for people and because it is beneficial for health. It is not just for basketball but taking up any form of sport is great.

However, before you do start playing it is advised to know the basketball basics for beginners, so that you know all the rules and the ways you can avoid injuring yourself while playing basketball. First and foremost you need to know are all the warmup exercises that are needed for this. There are plenty of pre basketball warm up exercises that you can look into and find tutorials for online but the ones we have found to be the most effective for ourselves are the ones that we will be discussing in this article. With that said, following are some of the basketball warmup exercises that you should know of.

Solo Warm Up Session

This is the sort of exercise that players should be doing on one on one basis or on their own. Usually people tend to keep this just before the match. The duration of solo warmup session can vary based on how much time an individual player likes to spend alone before the match. Usually players are playing in the team and like to have a team pep talk so the individual session lasts for about ten to twenty minutes. You can have warm up stretches and also have some mental, relaxation exercises too if you are someone who feels anxious before a big tournament.

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