Prepare a Healthy Chocolate Smoothie in Different Ways

Prepare a Healthy Chocolate Smoothie in Different Ways

Upon hearing about chocolate smoothie, one cannot help but crave it because separately, chocolate and smoothie are great but when you throw them together, they are drinks from heaven. The only problem that can be found with chocolate smoothies is that they are not exactly healthy and doctors would tell you to stay away from it but what if we tell you that you can have as much chocolate smoothie as you want? It might sound impossible but you can have a chocolate smoothie every other day if you be smart about it and by smart we mean that you switch to healthy chocolate smoothies. If you are a fan of chocolate smoothies then you do not need to leave them just because they can make you diabetic, you can just tweak the drink a bit and be healthy and enjoy dessert.

In order to make a healthy version of the smoothie, you would need a few unusual ingredients and 3 ways to make a chocolate superfood smoothie so that you actually enjoy the smoothie completely. The ingredient that will make the smoothie healthy can be a mix of superfoods and the mix is available in the market by different brands and you can choose one that you like.

We have 3 different recipes so that you do not get bored with one and actually have fun. For a classic but healthy chocolate smoothie, you would need the mix, banana, almond milk and ice. For the peanut butter version, nut butter, almond milk, banana, ice, vegan chocolate chips, healthy mix and some peanuts. You can put another twist on a chocolate smoothie and have a super healthy version which will include mix, ice, almond milk, banana, dates, coffee, lucuma powder and pink Himalayan salt.

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