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Nowadays finding good artisans to work on your home’s interior design can be pretty hard, almost everyone makes use of factory made decorations and fixture which often don’t fit in properties that follow an old fashioned interior theme. Regency Plaster is an experienced plaster installation and repair work company that still believes in old school craftsmanship, the company produces a variety of plaster moldings that retain their antique look and greatly increase the aesthetics of any property that follows older themes. Regency Plaster manufactures and supplies some of the best plaster installations Enfield has to offer to the rest of the UK.

The company was founded in 1988 and quickly made a name for itself by providing people with plaster moldings made by skilled hands using high quality materials, they’ve provided many high grade buildings and stately homes with beautifully designed plaster moldings of all kinds. Thanks to the skill of their workers, Regency Plaster can produce any kind of plaster molding with any kind of design, their team of workers makes sure to closely note the details of their client’s interior design and then provide them with custom designed moldings that seamlessly fit into their property.

Other than providing high quality plaster moldings, the company also provides restoration services. Plaster is a hardy material but over time it gets damaged and starts to crumble and lose its looks, Regency Plaster’s skilled craftsmen can repair all kinds of damage and accurately reproduce the existing design so that the repaired portions don’t stand out from the rest of the design. The company has been around for over 30 years and have always pleased, in order to take a look at all of their works, visit their website or go to their office at Enfield, every piece of work produced by Regency Plaster has the mark of quality craftsmanship.

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