Shedding Light on Ablutophobia

We know that most children really hate bath time, so you end up spending at least a few minutes before bath time struggling to catch or convince your child into taking a bath in exchange for a treat or something along those lines. However, this is different from a complete fear of bath time and washing up. Ablutophobia is described at the fear of washing, bathing and cleaning and can have different variations in the levels of fear going from a fear of showers or tubs to being afraid of every act involving cleaning. It can develop from one’s childhood and can then progress all the way upto one’s adult life.

Now the exact cause of ablutophobia is unknown, however it is believed that a traumatic experience that involves the act of bathing or a bath tub can be the main reason behind its development. For example, being left alone in the bathtub, incidences of abuse during this time or a near drowning experience etc. can all potentially lead to the development of ablutophobia.

If you happen to know someone with ablutophobia or any sort of phobia for that matter, you can just make them own up and face their fears without warning or anything of the sort. This will, if nothing else, more likely strengthen or worsen their phobia and can even be traumatic enough for them to have a panic attack. Only a certified therapist is equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to know how to help someone deal with and eventually overcome their phobia. Lastly, it is also very important to remember that while these fears may seem ridiculous to us, they are very real to those who suffer from it. You can learn more about Ablutophobia and other phobias by visiting Massive Phobia online.

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