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Should You Gift Presents With Your Company’s Logo on Them?

It is a common practice among companies that when they are sending out gifts to their employees, partners and clients, they just slap their logo on everything and send it away which might seem like a good idea but it is actually not. While we understand that it seems like the easiest choice and a good way for people to remember about your company, it is not always the right tactic. There is no harm in gifting out such things but you need to understand how the recipient would feel.

When you are gifting something to a person on a special occasions like on Christmas, New Year’s or birthdays, you are gifting a present so that the person would feel special but a person would not feel so special if he/she just receives a gift that has a company’s logo on it which cannot be get rid of and cannot be displayed proudly because frankly, nobody wants to display another company’s logo.

The companies who think that putting their logos on everything is the best option need to understand that most of their gifts just get re-gifted. If you want to know about branded gifts – tips on how to avoid re-gifting them then the first thing that you need to understand is that the recipient will only keep your gift if the gift is really useful or unique but if it something generic then it would be re-gifted before the next holiday season. People do not like receiving gifts on special occasion that clearly depict that the gifts are for marketing purposes only. We would suggest that you buy something unique and put your logo on the box of the gift, the card etc.

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