Some of The Myths Associated With Massage Therapists or Masseuse You Shouldn’t Pay Attention to

Massaging people is an art that has been around for generations. In every civilization, at the top of the hierarchy pyramid, the monarch will receive all kinds of pleasures, joys and works that slaves would do for him or her. Massaging was one of the very common ones. However, masseuses are not slaves.

Sex And Massage

The thing that I am more concerned about, that I feel everyone really confuses about is whether a massage therapist is also to help you out in a sensual massage after you are done with your regular massage… and the answer is: “no”.

Due to a lot of pornographic materials and ancient slavery systems, a lot of people view massage therapists as slaves and expect them to do the dirty work for them as they please. However, this is completely absurd and ethically wrong.

The Truth

According to the board of ethical reviews, a massage therapist shall not have any romantic relations with his or her clients. Well, obviously massage therapists are not nuns and they can get married. However, masseuses are encouraged not to engage in any sexual activities with their clients.

“It is Illegal”

Massaging is actually a professional profession and there is no reason to label it or categorize it under illegal occupations. People who are massage therapists deserve as much respect as any other profession, if not more. After all, they do make people’s days better. is a great website to learn more about massage therapists and what should you do when you want to look for a massage therapist. Do not be hesitant, now that you know the truth and know the myths about massage therapists, you can freely go to and read up more.

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